"As someone who is not particularly athletic and as a very busy mom, I was someone who didn't take the time to exercise.  Going to gyms was intimidating to me as everyone always seemed to know exactly what they were doing while I didn't know where to begin. With ToddFit, you get to work out with someone who truly cares about each and every client, encouraging you no matter what age or stage of fitness you may be in. We have used equipment which I never have used before, but was always super easy to pick up and learn. I love the way we are constantly learning and having fun in a non-threatening environment and Todd will help us with whatever we ask."

~ Kim

"I look forward to our early morning workouts not only to get in a good workout, but to catch up with friends while doing it. We need to be challenged and the varying workouts each time definitely do that.  It’s different than a group workout class, while those can be effective, Todd’s workouts are different every time in action and intensity. The recent addition of the park workouts outside is an added benefit of vitamin D, fresh air, and new ways to look at uses for a swing set!"

~ Betsy

"I wanted to get into a regular exercise routine that was not boring and something I could do at my age (67) without feeling like a failure if I couldn't do some of the moves. Todd came up with some great exercises for my needs and yet very effective. He is also very accommodating with our schedule. He wants to make sure we don't miss a class because he cares about our results. I have achieved results that I could not achieve before. I am so excited to see what I can become in the future training with Todd."

~ Florence

"After 6 months of following Todd's plan, meeting with him several times a month and working with my new found motivation, I am happy with my body and strength! I have NEVER said that before, ever! My clothes fit so much better and I feel stronger. My favorite part is my confidence. I feel like I can handle things that I wouldn't have tried before, such as the Gladiator Assault Challenge. Also, I haven't stepped on a scale in MONTHS. I haven't needed to, I am happy with the way I look and can't wait to keep getting stronger."

~ Laura

"The exercises Todd has me doing for my 60 miles of walking helped with the roofing we just did. No sore muscles, LOVE IT!"

~ Sharon